URUSHI WARE: SUITŌ -SHIKI Collection- Episode01

July 18, 2023

What We Wanted to Create was Time Called SUITŌ


If we could harmonize the teachings of our predecessors in Japan's long history with the culture of modern life and expand upon the value of abundance. With that in mind, tefutefu has developed lacquerware closely with masters of the craft as a medium to convey a sense of Japanese aesthetics. We would like to introduce the vision of [SUITŌ], the long-awaited lacquerware vessel.

Tea ceremony and well-being today

After matcha was introduced to Japan from China along with Buddhism, tea ceremony spread throughout Japan as part of the practice during the Muromachi period. The key is to take the time and enjoy the practice, the utensils, scenery, and conversations along with the taste of the tea. Just as Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the tea ceremony practice, advocated for a set of four key principles (harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility) and seven rules of hospitality:
put your heart into everything, discern the essence, note the shifts of the seasons, respect life, compromise, have a soft heart, and respect each other.” These concepts prioritize harmony, respecting people and nature, and respecting nature, insight into the essence of things that are becoming more important today, despite the noise we are constantly bombarded with. By keeping this philosophy at the core of this creation, we hope that you will be able to take a deep breath and stay in this moment, and not be overwhelmed by the relentless passage of time.


A Universal Form

Inspired by the contours of a woman's body, the gentle shape will make for a quiet but striking silhouette on your desk, table or picnic rug. The Zen spirit of connecting to the universe through more tactile means, like the sand in a landscape garden, is alive in the way the line ebbs and flows to echo the wood grain. Through SUITŌ, go beyond the physical and into a state of meditative serenity and will give you flexible and creative ideas.


Exalt for the changing seasons and passing time

Spring is when nature wakes from sleep, the birds provide a cheery soundtrack to the flowers coming into bloom. Summer is vivid with lush greenery and the bright sun, high in the sky. lights of fireworks after dusk. Autumn brings warm reds, yellows, and purples seep into the foliage before making way for the chilly, muted sunlight to cast soft shadows on the white snow brought by winter. The colors in nature change with the seasons, reflecting the quiet passing of days and months. Paying homage to these transitions in everyday life with wabisabi while maintaining our own point of view, tefutefu has developed four custom colors(six colors including base color) for SUITO in collaboration with master craftsmen.


Urushi as Japanese inheritance

Urushi, the sap derived from the Urushi tree, has a whole range of effects once applied to wooden objects: hardening, waterproofing, heat insulation, durability, and is antibacterial. These benefits serve a wide range of purposes and has been integral to Japanese life for centuries. It has been used in the decoration for pottery and Buddhist statues, construction of shrines and temples, to the manufacturing of armor and scabbards since the early Jomon period. This traditional culture of using nature-derived materials has been uniquely nurtured in Japan, which is comprised of forests and surrounded by the sea. Lacquerware can be continuously reused by repainting as needed, so longevity and the idea of inheritance is embedded into the craft itself. The process requires for the work to be passed through the careful hands of various craftsmen. So, to pay due respect to these artisans and their labor, which is to create wares made to exist in daily life, we hope to play a role in preserving and carrying on this craft for future generations.


Photography: Yuto Yamada
Text: Yuka Sone Sato
Design: Mammy Horie
Translation: Kelly Yeunh



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